• Are you from Ukraine?
  • Are you waiting for settlement in Norway?
  • Do you want to get a job in Norway?

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Free beginner Norwegian course for Ukrainians

This language course is for Ukrainian people in Norway who do not know Norwegian and need to acquire basic communication skills. During the classes we will focus on learning to speak and understand in everyday situations.

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  • With Ukrainian support language

  • Basic Norwegian for everyday life

  • Live, drop-in classes online

  • Introduction to working and social life in Norway

Lingu and Lovra Academy offers free language training with career guidance for Ukrainian refugees in Norway. The course is free and flexible. We use Ukrainian as a support language in class and in customer support.

The training will be in line with the curriculum in Norwegian and social studies for adult immigrants and prepare you for the introductory program at the municipality where you will live.

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Course format:

Online instructor-led classes learning combined with e-learning and feedback on your independent work.

Estimated workload is around 4-5 hours of study per week. Our teachers and career counselors provide work-oriented guidance and interactive language training on the course.

Instructor-led classes:

to suit your schedule:

50 drop-in classes, morning, daytime & evening


  • + Work and education in Norway (in Ukrainian)
  • + Unlimited access to Norwegian lessons online

Approved by Norwegian immigration authorities

Welcome to fun and innovative language learning! Lingu is a leading language training provider and edtech-company in Norway, offering students, companies, and schools unique learning experiences.

Course program

This beginner course will get you started on the journey to master the Norwegian language. Our main objective is to help you build practical conversation skills, so you can use the language effectively and effortlessly.

This is a comprehensive language training programme that covers all aspects of the Norwegian language on the beginner levels (A1 and A2).

Course content and learning objectives

  • Talk and write about personal matters and general topics such as family, housing and personal finances.
  • Describe yourself and your surroundings, your education and your work.
  • Express wishes, feelings and commitment.
  • Coping with situations related to health, illness and infection.
  • Read and write simple texts and personal letters.
  • Write about simple, personal experiences and your everyday life.
  • Learn basic Norwegian grammar.
  • Be able to easily present yourself in a job situation
  • Learn about Norwegian work culture and apply for jobs in Norway


  • Access to a computer, mobile or tablet with broadband Internet access.
  • You must be able to browse the Internet, and be able to configure your own device to work with standard equipment such as a microphone and headset.
  • Ability to work independently.
  • The latest version of your web browser. We recommend Google Chrome.

Frequently asked questions

  • Ja, det kan du absolutt. Lærerne og timene er fleksible og tar for seg konkrete læringsmål slik at det vil være enkelt å følge undervisningen, selv med små forkunnskaper. 

  • Kurset er gratis.

  • Du vil få tilgang til kurset i 2 måneder. Du kan delta i 50 timer undervisning.

    Du kan også gå på flere kurs etter hverandre.

  • Dere vil fåf lere timer å velge mellom fra timeplanen. Den er veldig fleksibel og skal kunne gjøre det mulig for dere å tilpasse deres hverdag.

    For eksempel så vil samme time med samme tema kunne tas igjen på et annet tidspunkt. Du kan også delta på samme timen flere ganger.

  • Ja, kurset har lærerstyrte netttimer. Timene er både interaktive og motiverende. 

    I lingu har vi mange gode pedagoger og kursholdere som vil gi dere både norskopplæring og orientering om norsk arbeidsliv.

  • Det kan du absolutt. Det er en fordel å ta dette kurset i forkant av norskopplæringen som du vil få gjennom kommunen etter bosetting.

  • This course is for people from 16 years and older.